Breakdown Cover - Car breakdown cover including European breakdown cover, AA breakdown cover and RAC breakdown cover

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Breakdown Cover

Mention breakdown cover and most people will instinctively think of the likes of AA breakdown and RAC breakdown cover.

But there are many more breakdown services available to UK drivers whether you simply want breakdown cover while driving in the UK or you are looking for European breakdown cover.

Why do I need breakdown cover?

Ask yourself,

What would I do if I got up in the morning to go to work and my car wouldn't start?
What would I do if my car broke down on a quiet country lane late at night?

What would I do if I accidentally filled up with diesel when my car takes unleaded petrol?
What would I do if I got a puncture and I didn't have a jack in the car?

Well, if you had breakdown cover the answer to all of these questions would be simple....

... I would call my breakdown service!

Think of the piece of mind you would have by knowing that if anything happens to your car you can call upon the services of a nationwide breakdown service.

So what are my options, which company should I get my breakdown cover from?

There are many copmpanies to choose from and they include:

AA breakdown cover

Probably one of the best know of the breakdown companies, the AA have 4 levels of breakdown cover. These "options" cost from less that £50 per year for their basic package to around £163 for their all singing, all dancing Option 400 cover

The AA can also provide European breakdown cover and breakdown cover for businesses.

RAC breakdown cover

RAC roadside assistance also offers various levels of breakdown cover. You have the option of single cover (for a single driver), joint cover and family breakdown cover. You also have the option to cover a particular vehicle against breakdown rather than a particular driver.

And with RAC breakdown cover you can build up a no-call-out discount which could reduce the cost of cover by up to 50% after 5 years.

Green Flag breakdown cover

Perhaps not as well known as AA breakdown and RAC breakdown cover, Green Flag is a respected breakdown cover provider and has been voted "Best Breakdown Cover Provider" in the "Your Money awards" for two years running.

Green Flag claim an average response time of around 40 minutes, 80% of breakdowns are fixed at the roadside and almost 5 million customers.

Green Flag have over 30 years experience in providing breakdown assistance.

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