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Direct Line offer additional drivers no claims
Direct Line Car Insurance, one of Britain's biggest car insurers was the first to offer no claims bonus discounts to drivers named on others' car insurance policies recently.

Could this spell the end of traditional car insurance?

Other copmpanies such as Admiral have also introduced new car insurance products to the market. The Admiral MultiCar policy will cover multiple cars within a household and should work out cheaper than insuring each vehicle on its own motor insurance policy.

The new Direct Line car insurance product will benefit the many young drivers who start off their motoring life as a named driver on their parent's car insurance policy, as traditionally this meant that the young driver was not building up their own no claims bonus.

It will be interesting to see whether Direct Line's gamble to introduce this new product pays off. And if it does expect other major car insurance companies to follow.

Posted : 08/02/2006 15:24:26

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