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Self steering car no longer science ficton
A car that can steer itself could be on sale in the UK as early as next year. Although the system is available in Japan, we are yet to have the technology available in the UK. But Honda looks set to beat rivals and be the first to offer the system outside Japan.
The system will stay between the white lines on motorways and dual carriageways with the help of a small camera mounted behind the rear view mirror. If the system detects that the vehicle is straying then it will make a gentle adjustment to the power steering.
The system will be available as standard on the Honda Legend in summer 2006 and will be a 2000 option on the Honda Accord in Britain in Jaunuary 2006.
For those of you worrying that drivers will be travelling at speed up the motorway with their hands behind their head, you will be pleased to hear that the system requires drivers to keep contact with the steering wheel. If it detects that contact is broken for more than 10 seconds then a warning sounds and the automatic steering system shuts down

Posted : 23/10/2005 16:37:57

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