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Research shows you are judged on your car brand
Research commissioned by online insurance specialist Insure And Go has found how judgmental drivers are.
The research, which questioned more than 5000 drivers, found that BMW is the car make most drivers would refuse to let out at a junction. BMW was followed by Jaguar, Mercedes, Land Rover and Volvo. In fact, 37% of those people questioned said that they never let certain makes and models of car out at junctions.
But it is not just the make of car that you drive that could stop people showing goodwill towards you. The research also found that speaking on a mobile phone, looking like a boy racer and driving a flash car could cause other drivers to be less than polite towards you. And if you have a baby on board sticker, tinted windows, spoilers or a personalised number plate.... forget it!
What a judgmental lot we are.

Posted : 25/10/2005 12:44:57

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